Trainer Co-Op is a membership organization for trainers, coaches, speakers, and HR professionals that uses effectively-priced content produced by subject matter experts, industry-leading promotional processes, and smart pricing to help you earn more profits.

NEWS: TrainFest® 2017

Registration now open! Book your reservation before June 1, 2017 to receive a $100 discount and exclusive access to a networking and matchmaking cocktail party with select buyers and clients.


  • Ready-made training packages at your fingertips
  • Become a full service provider of instructor-led training, coaching, and e-learning
  • Save on travel, supplies, certifications
  • Participate in exclusive trainer showcase events


  • Eliminate in-house instructional design costs
  • Off-the-shelf and custom programs
  • Supplement programs with 5,000+ online modules
  • Hire new trainers during invitation-only showcase events
  • Discounted certifications for in-house trainers


  • Develop your niche or adapt to new topics with ready-made packages
  • Meet people who will hire you
  • Certifications, content, travel and business perks at a discount
  • The support, community, and materials you need to grow

TrainFest® — 2017

Members of the Trainer Co-Op will receive an invitation to participate in our annual TrainFest® trainer showcase event. This closed networking venue connects HR professionals and organizations seeking training with speakers, trainers, and executive coaches.

Registration includes attendance at the event, a 5-7 minute showcase event per attendee, seminars and keynotes about the latest insider trends, matchmaking events, and an exclusive list of contacts for building future business opportunities.

Participation in TrainFest® is a great opportunity for HR professionals seeking trainers and speakers, trainers, and coaches looking to build their client base.



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Delvon Survine

Delvon Survine

President & Trainer
Kinetic Management LLC

I recently sold a program to a government client that I did not previously have in my catalog. After signing the contract I ordered a ready-made course from Trainer Co-Op that included PowerPoint, workbook, and instructor notes. The content was comprehensive and easy to customize. Not only were the training evals great, I was able to secure more training dates before the day was out. This ability to offer content and deliver an exceptional day of training was only made possible through my membership in the Trainer Co-Op. Glad to be a part of a community of trainers sharing, collaborating, and growing together.

Cheryl Grazier

Cheryl Grazier

Trainer & Owner
Cheryl Grazier Consulting, LLC

I recently found myself looking for a thirty minute class presentation for a potential client with little time to prepare. I contacted the Trainer Co-op, and within 24 hours, they delivered a well-designed presentation with lecture content and participant activities. Using the customized content, I was able to present for the client with confidence and solid information. Thanks Trainer Co-Op! I look forward to working with you all again in the near future.

Carl Flowers

Carl Flowers

Trainer & President
Liberty Seminars LLC

The minds behind the Trainer Co-Op have that “Midas touch”! Whatever content or resources you order from them, whenever ways you work with them turns to gold. Their team has a gift for making money, building business, and helping others succeed. I am so happy and eager to be a participant in the Trainer Co-Op, not just for my own benefit, but for others’ as well.

Robin White

Robin White

Trainer & Executive Coach
Motv8u LLC

Working with the Trainer Co-Op has been an exciting and adventurous journey. I learn and grow with every experience, not only with my business, coaching, and training, but personally I feel part of a big family. There is never a dumb question or a time where I have felt that I wasn’t supported through the community, resources of the knowledgable staff, and smartly priced content that I can’t get anywhere else (like e-learning modules). Thank you Trainer Co-Op!

Dr. Angela Massey

Dr. Angela Massey

President & Trainer
Life On Purpose LLC

Before I worked with the Trainer Co-Op, my business was sporadic at best. Because of the business, training, and marketing knowledge available from the Trainer Co-Op, I learned how to get decision makers’ attention. Trainer Co-Op helped me develop a customized strategy to increase my company’s exposure in the marketplace, and to zero in on the type of client best suited for my product. This priceless knowledge and professional, affordable, content is available to everyone via the Trainer Co-Op — a vibrant and professional community of trainers and educators that helps people like me generate content, ideas, and success.

Carol Ann Sasso

Carol Ann Sasso

President & Trainer
Global Business Connexions, Ltd.

The Trainer Co-Op team’s leadership and outstanding work ethic are exceptional. They are industrious, accessible, responsive, gracious, open-minded, and distinctive in their willingness to offer useful content, promotional resources, and industry knowledge to the trainers, HR professionals, coaches, and adult educators who are a part of the Trainer Co-Op. The materials, expertise, and support network available to members is second-to-none.

John Bauer

John Bauer

Trainer & Consultant

Membership in the Trainer Co-Op makes you an entrepreneurial winner. I’ve known their team for many years. Membership opens access to the secrets to a tremendous business acumen. Join the Co-Op and you align yourself with and for success. The Trainer Co-Op is your entry into a community of professional trainers that offers support, custom content, and the business experience you need to take your training, coaching, or speaking business to new levels.

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